Success Stories

Success Stories

The most popular program to date is our Angel program


In our first year we were able to fill 67 requests in 2009, since then to date we have filled Thousands of requests for gifts for our seniors. In 201 we were able to get back on track and fill over 1000 gifts. With the help of business, other programs , the community, schools, volunteers, social workers, case managers and many other people we were able to fill the request of specific needs such as pajamas, blankets, pillows, sheets, coats, socks, clothes, candy and most of all specific items they are in need of or want and can not afford to do so. 


 One of our most successful programs was developed  during Covid 19. Called Surprise a Senior. We were able to surprise 2,000 senior citizens in 2020. In 2021 over 900. With the help of grants, volunteers and the community, we were able to put a smile on everyone’s faces that received a gift. Each gift had many everyday items and we added a bit of love to them.


  • A woman called and left a message. She was so happy that her gift had just arrived that while she was leaving her message, I could hear in the background the rustling of her opening the gift. One by one she took each item out and was equally surprised with each gift. She couldn’t believe we sent her exactly what she wanted and questioned “how did you ever know?”. To her surprise, we just followed the survey she filled out.

  • Another phone call we received was a bit of a surprise to us. The caller was upset that we sent a gift to him and his wife when all they wanted was for us to help a family with children in need. Then he saw what we did. We sent him a picture of 4 children who all received a gift in their name and were sent to dinner.

  • We received over 100 thank you notes for all the surprises we sent out.


Our E.P.I.C. program is for items that need to be bought, fixed, found or donated. Referrals come from social workers, neighbors, and clients themselves. Not all referrals meet the guidelines, but we try to fill what we can. We helped quite a few seniors, but listed below are just a few of those stories.


  • A 90-year-old woman was referred to us by her neighbor. After talking with the woman, we discovered that she was in need of glasses, as she was nearly blind without them, and also needed food. We set up an appointment with an eye doctor, arranged a ride to get her there and paid for her glasses. On the way home from her eye appointment, we took her to the grocery store for a load of groceries. After that, we helped her locate food banks close to her and set her up to receive Meals on Wheels.

  • Some referrals are harder than others. This 78-year-old woman had been referred to us by a social worker. She has been hospitalized for three weeks and had no family to help her. While she was away, her pet cat was home alone with nobody to care for it. Her apartment was unsafe to return to. We were able to help by paying for her apartment to be cleaned, including her rugs. We collected items so that we could replace her sofa and other items, such as lamps, a table, a bed liner and even got her gift cards for clothing.

  • Another reason to move is for safety reasons. A 74-year-old woman needed to move from the second floor to the first floor. She was referred by a social worker. For this specific township, a deposit was needed for electricity before she moved into her new apartment because the township monitors it. She did not have the funds to pay this deposit, so we paid the deposit for her.

  • In 2022 we received a request to help a elderly man who was sleeping on the floor. When the team arrived they discovered a very flat mat with a dirty blanket on top. laid across a frame that was broken. This man had been sleeping on this bed for 10 years. Our team went in and placed a new bed along with a mattress together , new sheets, blanket and pillow. Made the bed up nice and left him to enjoy it. Not only did the client tear up so did our founder who went along on this install. 

We receive requests to help seniors from over 30 organizations in the community. At times we may reach out to one to partner with us for a need or they may reach out to us to do the same. Working together in the community helps all involved. 


Each year for the past 10 years we have helped seniors who live in low income apartments buy air conditioners. The buildings are old and require a special size to be placed in the sleeve. Over the years we have worked with other organizations to help or buy air conditioners. The air conditioners are very expensive; they range from $550.00 to $600.00. Each year we try to supply at least five or six if funding allows.

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