It is really simple: Our non-profit is raising money and giving it away to seniors in our community. We focus on low income and homebound seniors, and our goal is to help them maintain dignity and quality of life. The job is hard, and the community has a hard time understanding how bad it is for so many. Many volunteers come and go and do not seem to understand that the need never goes away; once you fill one request, we get another.

Our Programs:

Angel Tree

We partner with senior centers, social workers and other agencies throughout Bucks County. Clients are sent request forms to help us personalize Christmas gifts they are requesting.  The client then sends back the request form and The Christmas Gala fills the request. If you have a low-income client or a client that has no family but has money, that is ok as well. This program is meant to help those that have no family and/or are low income. We want to give the client the feeling that someone cares. In 2014, we were able to fill almost 800 requests. Our goal is to be able to meet the same numbers for the 2015 season.

Starting in October 2015, you will be able to see the list of businesses that will be hosting a tree for us. You will be able to pick a request from the tree and return the gift to that location or any location near you. We will list days and times you will be able to drop off at the office also.

Ongoing Assistance

The Christmas Gala has partnered with social workers and various organizations in Bucks County, supplying them with needs such as diapers, Depends, bladder control items, and Ensure throughout the year. When items are requested, we supply them. Clients usually go through the social workers, but anyone in the community can request help.

As long as we have it in the budget, we try and fill as many requests as possible.

What kind of help are we looking for?

  • Building a strong board. We presently have 8 board members, but would like to have at least 11-13.  Meet our current board…

  • Help to find donations for events, gift cards, themed baskets, cash donations.

  • Building smaller committees to run things like call backs and filling needs.

  • Look for new businesses willing to host a Giving Tree for us.

How do we know what to fill?

We will not know until the request comes in. We will fill the request according to need. Our mission is to help in-need seniors. EXAMPLE: If we receive a request for a pair of glasses and a request for food – the food request would trump. Our mission is to fill every request that comes through. The larger amount needs that are in the thousands are very hard for us to do. This is why we need many volunteers.