Volunteer with us


It is really simple: Our non-profit is raising money and giving it away to seniors in our community. We focus on low income and homebound seniors, and our goal is to help them maintain dignity and quality of life. The job is hard, and the community has a hard time understanding how bad it is for so many. Many volunteers come and go and do not seem to understand that the need never goes away; once you fill one request, we get another.


What kind of help are we looking for?

  • Building a strong board. Our goal is to have 10-12 board members.  Meet our current board…
  • Help to find donations for events, gift cards, themed baskets, cash donations.
  • Building smaller committees
  • Finding businesses to support our programs
  • Program Leads
  • Office help, computer help, cleaning
  • People to deliver and pick up packages
  • Daytime volunteers
  • Nighttime volunteers