About Us

The Christmas Gala is a nonprofit organization focused on lending a hand to assist local seniors, primarily in the Bucks County, PA area. We try to fill needs such as air conditioners, medications, beds, hearing aids, security deposits, or even just basic necessities like blankets and toiletries. Far too many elderly people are forgotten or unable to meet their own needs.

Founded by Cheryl Campbell, it began as a family and friends function held at her home every year. Cheryl, putting her heart and soul into this organization, wanted so badly to make the event much larger to be able to help more of our local seniors. Starting in 2009, the organization began growing beyond its roots in Bristol Township. In 2015, Cheryl Campbell was named one of Bucks County’s Top 10 Movers & Shakers by Bucks Happening Magazine. Read her inspirational story at Meet Cheryl Campbell.

The Christmas Gala is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit and has grown into a team of over 40 dedicated volunteers who seek out assistance from our local communities on behalf of seniors. Those we help are typically low-income, receiving Meals-on-Wheels, and often have no family. With the support of social workers, senior centers, private referrals, local businesses, and individual donations, our program serves all of Lower Bucks County, and we are continuing to expand into Upper Bucks County.

Meet our Board of Directors

Our Mission

  • To assist seniors with everyday, essential, and emergency needs to help them stay in their home as long as possible.

  • To educate the greater community of Bucks County on the critical needs of the senior population.

  • To empower the public to provide assistance that will improve the lives of the low-income aging community.


Like any non-profit in this era of shrinking government funding, we need to continually look for ways to fund our services, events, gift cards, themed baskets, etc. Community support in the form of volunteers, businesses hosting our Giving Trees, and donations are the lifeblood of our organization. As we grow, we are challenged to build smaller committees that can more efficiently manage the services we provide.

Our Programs

  • Angel Program – We supplied over 1500 gifts to local elderly in 2019.  Each gift is put together from a wish list received from each person.

  • Angel Gifts –  We supply seniors in Bucks County with new Christmas gifts.  We ask businesses to put a tree in their office.   In 2014, we filled 800 needs and in 2019 more than 1000.  People take an “Angel”, purchase the item(s) requested and return everything back to the business.
  • E.P.I.C. Program – We pay for things that, if we did not intervene, would have a huge impact on their lives. This past year, we helped with a refrigerator, security deposits, and much more.

  • Ongoing Assistance – We supply them with bladder control items, diapers, pull-ups, and many other necessities throughout the year.

  • Care Packages –  Each month we reach out to a local organization and supply them with surprise gifts, such as stamps, towels, paper towels, toilet papter and much more.


We started out with just one big fundraiser – Gala 2008 – and a few small ones throughout the year. We have now grown to the point where we hold fundraising events throughout the year, usually about once a month. Our biggest event is an annual gala in December.

What is the money used for?

We receive phone calls from social workers and senior centers to help with requests such as air conditioners, electric bills, medications, beds, hearing aids, and many other items. Additionally, as with any business, we have office expenses and insurances to pay.

Join Us!

Are you looking for a volunteer experience that is exciting and fulfilling?  At The Christmas Gala, we value teamwork and fun. We have opportunities that match almost any skill you can bring to the table. In addition to committees like Bowling with Santa or the Annual Gala,  we now have a New Jersey group and an Upper Bucks group. At The Christmas Gala, one person can make a big impact!

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