E.C.H.O.S. Mission: Bridging the gap by offering temporary help and relief services for Bucks County seniors 65 years and older

E.C.H.O.S. Requirements:

  1. Age 65 or older
  2. Completed application
  3. Referral will be assessed by E.C.H.O.S committee
  4. Good faith effort was made to assure all resources have been utilized
  5. All referrals and families need to be made aware we are only a temporary fix and not a long term one.
  6. Services such as non-medical, skilled, companion/homemaker, benefits exceeded for insurance fill gap, transportation/isolated medical, personal care. Excluding mental health, food and medical equipment.
  7. To help one time per year, short term.

Sample of Potential Referrals


  • Surgery, treatments
  • Extensive doctor appointments

** Not for food shopping, hair care or

family events **


  • Respite care

Personal Care


Limited Medical